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            Just felt that you and your team should get some well earned instant feedback!”

           It is so comforting to know you all care. Love B

        The Pastor wrote to me asking if this is the sort of thing Besom could get involved in.

        I received the email in the afternoon following our Besom’s delivery to R so I was able to         respond to him telling him what Besom had already delivered (fridge freezer, cabinet, bed         linen, home starter pack and food pack). The Pastor sent me an email yesterday saying that         the couple were so thrilled by what had happened that they stood up in church on Sunday,         sharing the story and giving praise to God.

       “Thank you very much for the lovely and useful things. Yesterday I cleaned them all and today         I turned them on. Everything is working. Please say hello to the delivery team”   

            They are now united and passed on.

        I was going to nominate you for the Besom Gold Star but I think after that we should go for         the Platinum!

        (I know the donor of the TV, will let her know)

        I finally managed to collar Paul at home on Tuesday to fix up his TV.  It's all working fine and         very nice it is too!


         Whilst there I mentioned the lack of a letterbox and he said he had a new one that just          needed fitting.  So managed to install that for him as well!  Should help him keep a bit more          heat in the house!


        (I think I let you know about the donor, it's now been delivered and will be much appreciated)

        His address ……If you can let her know your availability, she will organise Paul!

          Hi All

          Had a text from J. in Pinkerton Road saying that the person who dropped the Hamper off had           given a lovely prayer that was helpful as she has just lost her mum

         Thanks to whoever it was.

         Hi All

        Many thanks for the packages prepared this morning for John and Sophie. Delivered         John's, he was well pleased

        Will be taking Sophie's on Monday. She has texted her appreciation in advance!

      Hi All

      As you probably know we haven't accepted offers of 3-seater sofas for some time        as they require a lot of storage space,  are heavy and usually too big for the        doorways/passages of the homes that we get asked to furnish, not to mention        the frequency of needing to carry them up to 1st and 2nd floor flats!   However,        in the flurry and busyness of the Hamper project, such a sofa was        "inadvertently" accepted and eventually picked up last week and stored since        then on the Van.

       So, we were faced with the challenge of someone needing a 3-seater sofa which        could be delivered on the ground floor through a wide doorway straight into a        room and also where the van could park very close, due to the weight of the        sofa (which has a metal frame) and also sooner rather than later as it was        taking up a lot of room on the van.

       Over the weekend, we were contacted by May Place about a guy (Tommy)        moving into his own accommodation. (The guy I emailed about needing a        starter pack).  To cut a long story short, wasn't able to deliver to him until this        afternoon. One of the things on his list was a sofa, so took the 3-seater one on        the van just in case, having ascertained that Tommy was able to assist carrying         it.  Got to his new (has white goods but otherwise empty) place in Rooksdown        which was on the ground floor, with patio doors straight into his living room,        and able to park the van literally outside.  The sofa was a perfect fit in the        room. Tommy has been living in a car for 2 months, so was well pleased with        everything we were able to give him.  (Sofa, mattress, bedding, starter pack,        food, TV/coffee table, lamp, heater, rug) .  Those of you at Besom last Thursday        will recall Rosie's thought for the day .....

         Hi All

A few things from last week:-

Thank you to all those who made up the two new starter packs. One was            delivered today to a man who was housed over the weekend. He has a cooker so           the appropriate box was taken. He has an acquired brain injury and will be            getting support during his rehab program.  A double duvet and some sheets            were taken to the same man. (Was that a hooray from the bedding           department!?)

          Thank you to those who measured the curtains last week. Unfortunately, they           didn't match the dimensions of the windows of the lady in Townsend Close, so           can be kept for the next request. However, Alan will be putting up her curtain           poles tomorrow. I have informed the agency that we have been able to assist           with the poles but not the curtains and left it that the tenant/agency will deal           with that shortfall.  (We delivered a number of "basics" to the lady a couple of           weeks ago when she moved in).

           Further to the email about a meeting requested by First Point, this apparently            came up while I was in Oz and it was felt that it would not be appropriate for            us to be involved, so have cancelled the meeting.

          Another referral over the weekend about a family (mother and children)            escaping domestic violence, details following. Very sad, will "raid "the shelves            as needed.

         Thanks for preparing the starter pack last week. See item 2 below. I explained to the          lady concerned that the starter pack doesn't (yet) have a kettle or toaster, but she          said hat's fine, because she has obtained both of those herself, it's the other things          she doesn't have.  "God moment"?!

         I can't remember where the microwave came from now, but please pass on thanks if          you know!   (Was it a friend of Caroline, or am I remembering wrong?

           Hi All

          I know you like Besom stories, so here's a new one!

          Steve and I delivered a Chest of Drawers this morning to a guy in Popley. He lives  in a communal block           and we noticed that there was  a sofa bed in the lobby with a notice on it saying "free, please take it".           I'm  sure that it's Besom Policy not to pick up anything in that way, but we know the history of Besom           policies ....!  

          Anyway, it was lightweight, comfy and  clean so we took it, with some nervousness.  We later went to a           lady who was moved to the Joshua Tree over the weekend (Roger will remember her from Monday) and           offered her a few things that we had.  She saw the sofa bed and was very excited. As  she lives on the          2nd floor and it is lightweight, we were excited too!  As she needs a spare bed (children coming back to           live with her) and a sofa, it was ideal for her. She mentioned that she has been sitting on a box since she          moved and has backache, so timely as well!